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There are many rewards connected to Volunteering, its just a good feeling 
when you are helping others. Try it, You will definitely like it!
Importance of Community Service for Students
Did you know many colleges and universities across the U.S. have stated that SAT scores, rigor of curriculum and grades are top priority but when all of those things are equal they look at community service as a differentiator?

--A survey by intelliVOL (intelliVOL.com) has revealed many interesting facts about volunteerism in many Texas schools.

--They asked 118 Texas public high school principals about community service and volunteerism in their schools, and these are some of the facts they found:

  • 94% (111 of 118) said that their school requires or strongly encourages community service.
  • 71% (84 out of 118) said that a student’s community service record has a significant positive impact on their college application.
  • 69% (82 out of 118) said they were interested in improving community recognition for volunteer accomplishments.
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